Save Our Schoolyard!

We Need Your Vote! 


PS130 is on the 2017 Participatory Budgeting Ballot for $500,000 for the renovation of our lower school yard!

The PS130 school yard is in desperate need of repair. Poor drainage in the yard leads to regular flooding as well as icing during the winter, which makes it impossible for the 500+ children at PS130 Lower School to go out for recess or gym. Cracks in the pavement and broken concrete have caused injuries. Active play is essential for children’s development, but PS130’s students can’t use a large portion of the yard because of its poor condition. 

Our school yard is one of the projects on Brad Lander’s Participatory Budgeting Ballot. Projects that get the most votes will get funded. Anyone in District 39, regardless of immigration status, age 14+ can vote – not just PS130 families. We need every vote to get the money to pay for these urgent repairs!

You can help our neighborhood’s children. Vote to SAVE OUR SCHOOL YARD!

What can you do to help?

• VOTE!!

• Get the word out!!

• Encourage all friends and neighbors to vote for the PS130 School Yard project.

• Share our posts on Facebook.

• Get out the vote!!

• Sign up to volunteer.

When to vote?

Participatory Budgeting voting is from March 25  April 2

Where to vote?

Vote in person at any Participatory Budgeting site or online at


Who can vote?

All District 39 residents age 14+ can vote, even if you are not a registered voter.

You can vote regardless of your immigration status.