2018-19 PTA Executive Board

Co-President: Ashley Kreamer
Co-President: Lisa Jackson Zelznick
VP of Fundraising: Sarah Yorra
VP of After-school Enrichment: Sonal Bhatt
VP of Community Affairs: Ayesha Rahim
VP of Social Events: TBD
Treasurer: Owen Martin
Recording Secretary: Karen Rafael
Communications Secretary: Nate Gray
Member-At-Large: Emily Blair
Member-At-Large: Caitlyn Brazil
Member-At-Large: Matt Brown
Member-At-Large: Roxzanne Genlloud
Member-At-Large: Jessica Griffith
Member-At-Large: Cara Kantrowitz
Member-At-Large: Elodie Lavery
Member-At-Large: John Son

Contact us at info@ps130pta.org

These are elected positions and all officers are volunteers. We thank the executive board for all of their time and efforts toward improving our children’s educational experience.