After School Committee

Working with the administration and parent community, this committee will work to support and enhance options for afterschool care and enrichment activities for all PS 130 students.
For more information or to join our effort, contact
Jill Montagna or Kate Lipinsky.

Community Affairs Committee

The PTA’s Community Affairs Committee addresses the community-facing work of the PTA, including traffic safety issues, Participatory Budgeting, and other opportunities to engage with our broader community and other schools, as appropriate to serve the interests of the PTA. For more information or to join our effort, contact

Art Committee

The PTA’s Art Committee provides materials and support for art projects in all grades at PS 130. We will be assisting with projects linked to units of study, and we are also providing Choice Time Art Boxes for K, 1st and 2nd grades. There’s no need for any art or teaching background to join the committee or to volunteer!

to help or get more information about the Art Box Program

Contact Meema Spadola for information about general committee projects

5th Grade Committee

The 5th Grade Committee shares middle school knowledge, organizes fundraisers and volunteers for 5th grade trips and events, and puts together the school yearbook. We are looking for great learning and fun opportunities. Please sign up even if you just want to receive occasional updates!
For more information or to join our effort, contact Karen Rafael.

Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising Committee is responsible for coordinating the fundraising activities of the PTA, including but not limited to fundraising events, grant writing, and the annual appeal. It works closely with the Executive Board and school administration to determine fundraising goals, and with the ad hoc committees to coordinate their activities as appropriate.
For more information or to join our effort, contact
Allieson Book .

Garden Committee

The PS 130 Garden Committee is committed to creating sustainable garden spaces to increase natural areas in the schoolyard, support curriculum, foster environmental stewardship and promote physical activity. We have many volunteer opportunities including: planning, brainstorming, grant-writing, fundraising, collaborating with administration, gardening, building, and transporting. No gardening experience is necessary!
For more information or to join our effort, contact
Anne Mignatti  or
Siobhan Thomas-Bupphavesa.

Grant Writing Committee

The PS 130 Grant Writing Committee will work with the school administration to identify school needs and sources of external support to reach our goals. We are looking for help from people with ideas, enthusiasm and/or experience in grant writing!
For more information or to join our effort, contact: 

Health & Nutrition Committee

Together with administration and students, the PTA Health and Nutrition Committee, will have on-going discussions concerning school breakfast and lunch, students’ outdoor time and general physical activity, as well as other health issues that may arise. Our goal is to assist the administration in providing the best possible nutrition and physical play options for the kids during school hours.
For more information or to join our effort, contact

Membership Committee

A membership that is representative of our community is crucial to the health and success of PS 130’s PTA; active membership participation is its heartbeat. Our PTA is a membership association and all parents, guardians and teachers are automatically members. The Membership Committee works to attract new participants and retain existing participants; enhance communication between the school and families; promote and celebrate successes of PTA Committees within the community; develop an outreach component within the PTA and school to include underrepresented groups; identify and address barriers to parent involvement such as language, culture, childcare, etc.; and include a student involvement element in the PTA. Join us: 130 – One Family.
For more information or to join our effort, contact Rose Saxe or Lisa Zelznick at

Music Committee

The PS 130 Music Committee strives to keep music a vital part of our school’s culture and curriculum. We partner with teachers by offering materials and enrichment to help enhance units of study, and we support existing school music programs. We bring visiting musicians to the school to perform and demonstrate for the students. We also produce the annual PS 130 Music Festival in the Spring and provide music at other school events throughout the year. We are currently seeking new members to help in our work: we need parent and teacher coordinators in each grade to help administer our programs. Please contact if interested. No musical ability is necessary; just a love of music!

Social Committee

The Social Committee is responsible for coordinating the many fun, social events that bring our school community together, such as the fall festival, dances, and annual talent show. The committee also coordinates with other committees to ensure their involvement in events (e.g., Fundraising, Health and Nutrition), solicits and supervises parent volunteers, and organizes outside vendors and services when necessary. Our goal is to make our social events fun and accessible for all PS 130 families.
For more information or to join our effort, contact