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The PS130 PTA is seeking volunteers for the following positions in the 2019-2020 school year. If you are interested in the following positions, or you are interested in starting a helpful initiative please contact

Health & Nutrition

We would love to find additional people to share this role. Our current Chair is happy to help facilitate the transition/inclusion.

The Health and Nutrition Committee is devoted to making our community a healthy, lively, mindful, and environmentally-conscious place to live, learn, and play. The Health and Nutrition Committee has been responsible for adding a salad bar to the cafeterias, sending out flyers at the beginning of the year with suggestions of healthy snacks, implementing recess coaches , organizing parent workshops, and more. Our agenda includes facilitating conversations between the Wellness Council and the PTA; encouraging recycling and sustainability; teaching our kids and their families about nutrition and fitness; and engaging all of us in school-wide wellness-related events that foster community, such as staff appreciation events, outdoor yoga parties, family wellness nights, cultural potlucks, community service and so much more! We look forward to sharing many days of cooking, dancing, eating, and playing together.


The Music Committee has facilitated visiting artists through the generosity of Brooklyn Music School’s Meet the Instruments program which has brought instrumentalists representing a range of musical traditions and styles from around the world, into our music classroom settings for a close-up look and interactive educational experience. Instruments have included: bass, flutes, qanun, saz, woodwinds, throat singing and more! Last week Michael Hearst came to play for the 1st graders and presented his music and slide show about “Unusual Creatures” (including some insects for their insect study unit) and he also threw in some “Extraordinary People” and “Curious Constructions” for good measure. The kids clapped and sang along. And the kids got to ask questions at the end, many of which were about his book-making process. The PTA also purchased a copy of his book “Unusual Creatures” for each 1st grade class so they knew his work in advance, and got to learn even more about the Unusual Creatures!

We’re presenting our final PTA-funded visiting artist of the season in the Lower School on the last day of school: 6/26. Internationally renowned saxophone player J.D. Allen will bring his trio to the LS auditorium to present a “Swing into Summer” jazz program for grades K and 1-2

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