PS 130 Families in Need

Dear P.S. 130 Family,

There are two families in our community who need our help.  We’ve created one PayPal button on our website as a joint campaign for these families, and will divide the money equally when we’ve finished the collection.  Thanks in advance for your generosity; here’s some info about the families that need our support.

Audrey is one of our first-graders at PS 130. She has a beautiful smile. This sweet, and by all accounts very funny, mischievous girl is bravely battling Burkitt’s Lymphoma/Leukemia at Sloan-Kettering. She just finished her first chemo (38 straight days in the hospital!), her first medical isolation, and first separation from her friends and family. Please consider supporting Audrey and the rest of her family as they enter a year of uncertainty and battle. Audrey’s cancer is treatable, but the road is long (the estimate is 9 months) and they need help to make it to the other side.The family is blessedly insured for Audrey’s medical treatment through her father’s union health plan. However, there will still likely be significant expenses associated with Audrey’s care.

Although her mother completed her Masters program in May and was eager to begin a new turn as a theatre educator, Audrey’s hospitalizations and treatments require a full-time parent advocate to be at Audrey’s side. So this fund will be used to help backfill these costs including things their insurance won’t cover as well as transportation, meals, and childcare support for her little brother Dylan when he’s in Brooklyn.

Other Ways to Help:
For those of you who want to keep up with Audrey’s progress, donate time or goods to help, or just leave them well wishes and good vibes, the family has set up this website that has all the pertinent information. Just request to be added to the group and you will be able to be part of the support network for this amazing family who are being so strong and so brave in this amazingly difficult time.

Michael is the parent of 2 children, one of whom is part of our beloved P.S. 130 family.  On July 10, while at work, Michael suffered a right basal ganglia hemorrhagic stroke brought on by a pseudo aneurysm.After more than two weeks in ICU (and all that comes with that – including intubation, extubation, re-intubation, and finally extubated, pneumonia, pulmonary embolism, along with some smaller blood clots that led to IVC filter placement, and numerous other things that the family would love to forget about), he is finally beginning the rehabilitation process.

As you can imagine this has been a devastating shock to his family; his wife Susan, their two young daughters, his parents, his sister, brother, and extended family.  Michael is facing a very long road ahead.  The rehabilitation process for him will not be linear, and is certain to be a long journey.  There will also be the daunting task of keeping up with mounting medical costs and other unknown financial hardships.

Because Michael has been the primary provider for the family, we felt it important for us, his P.S. 130 community, to do what we could to help alleviate any financial stress, so Michael and the family can focus on treatment and healing. He is a VFX artist by trade, an industry that requires long, arduous hours at the desk.  It is unknown if-and-when he will be well enough to work again.

The money donated will be used to pay for medical expenses not covered by insurance and to help with daily living expenses of Susan and the girls.

We thank you in advance for the love, prayers and support for these families.

With Love,

Lisa Jackson Zelznick and Ashley Kreamer Colao
P.S. 130 PTA, Co-Presidents