PS130’s New School Spirit Song!

The PS 130 Music Committee is excited to introduce our new school spirit song “PS 130 Everybody Smiles.”

In Spring of 2015, we realized that PS 130 did not have it’s own school song, so members of the Music Committee set out to create one.   We openly solicited ideas from the entire school community, then several members of our committee co-wrote this exuberant song based on those ideas.  The goal was to give the students something to sing when they gather together, a song to forge bonds of community and to raise school spirit.  “PS 130 Everybody Smiles” is easy to learn and fun to sing.

Second and fourth grade students premiered the song at the Winter Concert and Winter Bazaar in December of 2016.  The school’s music teachers Mr Arnold and Ms Sorenson have been teaching the song to their students in music class, and classroom teachers will share it with students from all grade levels.  We’re proud to share it here for your enjoyment.

The school that sings together learns together!  Please sing our school song and take pride in our diverse and vibrant community.


Want to customize for your school? Please make a $100 donation to our PTA; email us for more information