2022-23 PTA Executive Board

President: Megan Scott

  • Presides over all PTA meetings and sets the agenda for executive board and general membership meetings (with input from executive board members)
  • Delegates responsibilities to other PTA members and encourages meaningful participation in all parent and school activities
  • Acts as a member of all committees
  • Acts as a member of the School Leadership Team (SLT)

Treasurer: Regan Vidiksis

  • Responsible for all financial affairs and funds of the PTA
  • Maintains an updated record of all income and expenditures
  • Prepares a written financial report for all PTA meetings and the interim and annual financial accounting reports
  • Ensures the PTA’s annual tax return is filed accurately and on time, as required by the IRS

Recording Secretary: Anne Cole Norman

  • Keeps official minutes of PTA meetings; prepares sign-in sheets and materials
  • Keeps the PTA’s non-financial records
  • Reviews and responds to all correspondence to the PTA
  • Assists the Communications Secretary as requested

Co-VPs of After-school Enrichment: Kathy Lando & Tal Bar-Zemer

  • Serves as the chairperson of the After-School Enrichment Committee, which organizes and administers the after-school enrichment program
  • Helps the president as requested

VP of Community Affairs: John Son

  • Organizes and administers the community-facing work of the PTA, including participatory budgeting and other opportunities to engage with our broader community and/or other local schools (such as the CEC, advocacy around street safety, etc.)
  • Chairperson of the Financial Review Committee
  • Helps the president as requested

VP of Fundraising: Kara Murray

  • Works with the executive board and school administration to determine fundraising goals
  • Serves as the chairperson of the Fundraising Committee, which will administer and coordinate the fundraising activities of the PTA, including grant-writing
  • Helps the president as requested

VP of Events: position open

  • Co-chairs the school’s two biggest events of the year, Fall Fest and Spring Auction
  • Appoints and guides event chairs and committee in the planning, preparation, and execution of the fundraising and community events approved by the PTA
  • Works closely with the executive board to coordinate and optimize revenue generation for each event
  • Hosts, or appoints another person to coordinate and execute, the Welcome Parties that occur in late August before school begins
  • Helps the president as requested

Co-Communications Secretaries: Mel Boller & Mimi O’Connor

  • Informs parents about PTA events and activities, and facilitates communication between parents and the PTA, in coordination with the Parent Coordinator
  • Coordinates the PTA’s website content and social media activity
  • Communicates with and supports class parents as appropriate

Members at Large (eight) : Alison Carlis, Ben Struck, Jonathan White, Laura Nemerson, Liz Edmund, Mayra Aldas-Deckert, Diana Rosenthal, and Shaipe Dokovic

  • Participates in all executive board meetings
  • Performs tasks (including chairing of committees and/or chairing of events) as assigned by the president

Contact us at [email protected]

These are elected positions and all officers are volunteers. We thank the executive board for all of their time and efforts toward improving our children’s educational experience.