After School FAQ

What should I consider when planning to enroll my child in an after-school program?

Important planning factors include: number of days per week that the child will be enrolled in an after-school program, cost, grade-based eligibility, site location, interests and pick up times. PS 130 offers two large-scale, on-site after-school programs that have a limited capacity for 5-day-a-week and 2- or 3-day-a-week care. All other programs are registered for by the day. Our three large scale, on site programs are University Settlement (5 days per week only serving Upper and Lower School) and Trailblazers (5 days or 2-3 days per week serving Lower School PreK- 2nd only) and Kids Orbit ( Flexible Enrollment options for Upper School 3rd-5th grade. Please see our full list of after-school programming which includes most of this information. Any information not included can be found on the websites of the individual programs. 

What kinds of after-school programming does PS 130 offer?

PS 130 is proud to offer a wide range of after-school programs for Pre-K through 5th grade, including arts, music, games, and more; we organize the programs into two categories: On Site and Off Site. Please see our full list of after-school programming which includes most of this information. On Site programs take place at the school–students are escorted to after-school programs from their class dismissal and picked up by parents/caregivers from the school. Off Site programs take place at a location other than the school in the surrounding neighborhoods; several of the off site programs offer pick up at PS130, using an employee of the program to pick students up from dismissal and safely escort them to the program location; for off-site programs, pick up is at the location of the program. PS 130 also shares information with families about after-school programs in the neighborhood that do not offer school pick up, but are wonderful programs we encourage you to explore if they fit your needs and interests. 

Who can enroll in after-school programming?

All PS 130 students are eligible to enroll in after-school programming, and families should pay attention to several identifiers when planning for after-school: grade-based eligibility, fees, site location, interests and pick up times. Many of our after-school programs offer seats for Pre-K through 5th grade students and others are grade-level specific. Please be sure to select programs that are appropriate for the grade your child is entering in the fall, at the appropriate school location (Lower School or Upper School). Each program has a capacity limit and will close enrollment when the limit is reached and begin a waitlist. Each program has its own application process so you will need to register for each program you plan to use, individually. 

How do I enroll my child in after-school programming?

The registration window for after-school programming mostly runs on a rolling basis, except for our two large scale, on site programs, which have a specific registration window in August. For those families interested in enrolling in University Settlement or Trailblazers, each of which offer 5 day-a-week programming, you will register in August for the school year. Aside from University Settlement and Trailblazers, all other programs opened their enrollment over the summer and will continue to offer enrollment until each class reaches capacity. If you decide to join a program mid-year or mid-session, you can contact the program administrator to find out about available spots. 

What time does after-school take place? What if I need a program that ends later or earlier?

After-school programs typically run from dismissal to 5:00pm and many programs run until 5:30pm with a grace period of 5:45pm. After-school programs begin once school dismissal is over. Dismissal is from 2:50-3:00pm (Pre-K at 2:50pm and K-5th grade at 2:55pm). Programs may allow you to pick up your child before the stated end time; speak with your program administrator about this possibility. Many of the programs have extended day options that run until 5:45pm; after 5:45pm the PS 130 custodial staff begin the process of preparing the building for the next school day. Additional information about early pick up and extended options can be found on the registration page of the website for each program. 

Where does after-school programming take place and how will my child get there?

PS 130 offers after-school programming that takes place ON SITE (at the school) or OFF SITE (at a location other than the school). For programs that are ON SITE, registered students will be dismissed by their classroom teacher directly to their program and escorted to the designated area of the school for their program. For OFF SITE programs with pick up from PS 130, registered students will be dismissed by their classroom teacher to a program employee who will safely escort them to the program’s location, which may include public transit depending on the location. If you need your child to be picked up from PS 130, be sure to indicate that upon registration. 

When does after-school programming take place?

After-school programming begins in September and runs through the end of the school year in June, on all days that school is in session. Trailblazers, Kids Orbit and University Settlement are offered 5 days a week as long as school is open. Off Site programs typically take place on the days you determine upon registering.

What is the cost of after-school programming?

PS 130 offers after-school programming at a variety of price-points with several programs offering tiered payment structures. Our on-site, 5 days a week programs are either free or have tiered payment plans. University Settlement is a free, lottery based program that offers 5 day a week, on site care through 5:00pm. Trailblazers in the Lower School offers a tiered payment structure for either 5 days a week or 2 days a week, on site care through 5:00pm with the option to extend the day through 5:45pm. Kids Orbit offers a 5 days or a variety of flexible registration options for the Upper School on site care through 5:30pm. Financial Aid Available for those who qualify. 

Off Site programs are all fee-based and vary in cost, dismissal time and location. Our full list of after-school programming also offers basic information about school pick up, grade level eligibility and contact information. 

Are there opportunities to support families with multiple children in a program such as sibling discounts or sibling priority into programs?

Many programs offer a sibling support option. Several programs offer a “sibling discount” which provides a discount off of the stated price per student. Some of the programs also offer a sibling priority, which means that once one child from the family gains acceptance to the program, their siblings become eligible for the program as well. Please check with your preferred programs to confirm if they offer a sibling discount or priority and the terms. 

Does after-school programming take place on half-days, holidays or days when school is closed? What about snow days?

After-school programming does not run on half-days, holidays or days when school is closed, including snow days. However, many of our after-school programs do offer fee-based “camps” for days when school is closed, during school breaks, and summer camps. As with school, snow days often mean that a program will not run. There may be some exceptions to this for off site programs, but the programs you are registered for will notify you if they are canceling classes or school pick up due to inclement weather.

How are after-school programs selected and vetted?

The PS 130 PTA has an after-school committee that works with the school administration, families and local programs to organize after-school programming. The committee sends out requests for proposals to as many local vendors as possible and contracts with those that have appropriate licensing, permits, and programmatic offerings based on the interests and needs of our families. For example, the programs offered in the 2022-2023 school year are based, in part, on a survey sent out to families in May of 2022 to prepare for the Fall and match the needs of families with available programs. 

What is the refund or cancellation policy for after-school programming?

Each program has its own refund and cancellation policy. See each program’s policy by going to their website, contacting the program administrator or reviewing your receipt for payment. If you anticipate changes to your after-school needs/schedule, we encourage families to review the refund, cancellation and change of day policies for the programs you plan to attend before registering.